Review standards

What matters to us and why should you give a darn?

You know a good meal can be wrecked by a bad atmosphere – it can just take one Drunk Bob across the room to make ruin your meal. Subsequently the opposite can be true as well. We’ve all sat down in at a fun establishment, eagerly keeping an eye out for our waitstaff to approach with those delicious and golden strips of fish, only to bite into a cold, soggy piece of bath mat.

On our quest to enjoy the best fish fry our area can offer, we rank off the following:

  1. Food is #1 – but not just my opinion counts. Because in all honestly, who cares about just my opinion. I’m just a guy with a blog, right? We know that Wisconsin fish fries are a family and friends experience – that’s why we rate based on what all of us think? So who are your reviewers? Check out our bios for more deets.
  2. Atmosphere: How loud is it? Do you stick to the floors? Are the tables too close together? We were casualties of war due to the Food Chuckers?
  3. Service: Was the waitstaff attentive without being overwhelming or did we feel like we were interrupting an important poker game happening somewhere else in the building?
  4. Extras: It’s the little things that make a difference!
  5. The crowd: Hipster, Blue Hair, or somewhere in the middle?